“Phil is without doubt one of the leading clinical massage therapists (MT) in Sydney. His professional manner and clinical abilities far outreach his peers. I have referred many complex cases to Phil and I know they are in good hands. Likewise, he is my MT of choice”
— Rachel Guy
As a fitness professional and the founder and owner of Unity Gym in North Sydney I’ve seen and worked with many great physical therapists. After 12 years experience there’s only a handful of physical therapists that I trust with my own body and my clients. Phil White is one of a select few.

Phil is one of the top five soft tissue therapist in the country. This is supported by his impeccable reputation and frequent invitations to work with some of Australia’s most elite level athletes and fitness professionals.

Phil has comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and most importantly, he understands physical limitations and the affects stress, high intensity exercise and long sedentary periods have on the body.

Phil’s personal experiences as an athlete, his compassion mixed with his education makes for a world class physical therapist. My only concern is that he will be headhunted sooner or later and will no longer be available!

Phil will always remain part of my health dream team and I will continue to refer my friends, colleagues and make weekly time for myself on his table.
— Yani Burmeister - Director - Personal Trainer - Entrepreneur @ Unity Gym & LinkFit