Frequently asked questions.

Can I claim health fund rebates with you?

Yes. I have all the necessary education (and more), association memberships and insurance to offer rebates. I do not currently have a HICAPs machine in my clinic but claiming online is very simple with most health funds.

What do I wear during the treatment?

Throughout the treatment you will be appropriately covered in a soft, clean towel. Underwear must be worn - this is to ensure comfort and hygiene. If back and/or shoulders are to be worked on bras should be removed.

How long are the treatments?

You can book in for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute massage treatments. Most clients initially book in for a 60 minute massage. If there are multiple issues to deal with, 90 minutes is recommended.

How do I know what type of massage to get?

When you arrive at the clinic there will be time to discuss your specific needs and history. With this information I can tailor your treatment plan.

Where is the clinic?

It is the second room in the apartment where I live in Little Manly. Once you have booked in I will provide more details on where to go.

Is there public transport close by?

Yes, Manly Wharf is a 10 minute walk away. Many buses terminate near Manly Wharf. The 135 bus goes right by my house.

I really enjoyed my treatment, is there any way I can help you out?

There sure is, thanks for asking! Refer me to your friends, colleagues and family. Leave a review on google, whitecoat or yelp.


Any other questions? Let me know!

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